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The Original Crossword Puzzles with an African-American Flavor™

After years of hearing people of color echo this feeling, nationally syndicated Essence Magazine crosswords constructor Jan Buckner Walker is at the forefront of what she calls "The Inclusive Revolution" in puzzling.  Her new e-book, In Our Own Words, is the first in a series of professionally created crossword puzzles full of trivia questions about African-American and diverse American pop culture, music, sports, news, old-school memories and more. Each features a motivational quotation to enlighten and uplift the spirit.  Fresh, enjoyable and sometimes humorous, these fun games offer hours of mind-tickling (not brain-busting) entertainment for all of us.

Crossword puzzles?  Not for me -- they're too hard, not  fun and are never about anything I'm interested in. How come there's never a clue about an Alicia Keys song? Or a Spike Lee joint? Now, THAT would make me pick up a pencil.

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